Experiencing pregnancy and child birth for the first time, I was so grateful for the knowledge, kindness and support that Emily provided me in attending to this critical part of my care.  The information and preparation that Emily offered prior to, during and after the encapsulation helped me to utilize this wonderful service and gift in the best way. I really felt that having these supplements were a vital part of my physical and emotional recovery, and Emily was an invaluable resource in optimizing my self-care at this critical time.

 -Naomi B. 

I am so grateful to Emily for encapsulating my placenta. She picked up the organ from the hospital and got to work on making my capsules and tincture. The care and tenderness that she showed me as a new mother was incredible.  Not only did she share her knowledge of the process and ritual behind handling the placenta and its benefits she also helped me get my baby latched onto the breast! The placenta capsules helped with my postpartum depression and anxiety. Having that kind of support was invaluable. Thank you Emily!   

 -Ashley Markus 

The placenta capsules have made a world of a difference with my second baby. While other mothers with newborns that I know have been complaining about getting up and being exhausted in the morning, I am not. I don’t feel sluggish at all. My bleeding ceased after 4 weeks where with my first baby, it took 6 weeks. I feel really “even” emotionally and haven’t broken out in tears over a crumb! I also found Emily to be very professional and prompt in picking up my placenta and returning it encapsulated.

 -Lyndsay Chae Deurmier

I am so grateful to Emily for encapsulating my placenta after the birth of my second child. My milk supply froze up when I suffered a hemorrhage five days postpartum, due to retained placenta. I started taking the capsules at that time, and noticed a difference within 36 hours. I really believe that the capsules were instrumental in boosting my supply back up to where it needed to be. Our family continued to have a rough ride for several months, with various other medical issues cropping up unexpectedly. I'm really glad that I had the capsules to support me, physically and emotionally, throughout this period of time. It was a stressful situation, but I consistently had the energy and stamina to confront each challenge that arose. Emily was very thoughtful and helpful to me throughout all of this. She came to the hospital within hours of the birth to get my placenta, and hand delivered the capsules to my house shortly after I was discharged. She was quick and thorough in answering my questions, whenever they came up; and checked up on me from time to time to see how I was doing. She brings great sincerity, diligence and care to her work. I would definitely recommend her services to others.


Emily’s work with such an important and special organ of nourishment was highly competent and caring.  I felt secure knowing that Emily cared for the placenta in an hygienic and loving manner.

- Kelly E. 

The day of the birth of my second child, we called Emily to come and pick up my placenta. I experienced a deep sense of relief the moment she arrived for 2 reasons. First of all, I knew that Emily's love of this process would mean she would handle my placenta with a spiritual nature, and second, I understood that these tools would support the transition of the coming weeks for me. She ceremoniously cut some raw pieces that I used in smoothies, then she made both the capsules and essence for me. I found that the raw pieces of placenta helped ground me the week after I gave birth. And then I immediately started taking the capsules daily to help support the hormonal ups and downs I was experiencing due to lack of sleep, overwhelming joy, exhaustion, physical healing, and the transition with my first child. I appreciate Emily's promptness in retrieving the placenta itself, and the respect, love and care that went into the preparation of its products. I would recommend Emily over and over to any pregnant woman, and personally feel that harvesting the placenta is a gift as well as a necessity.

- Heather Park