All clients are required to sign a waiver form before encapsulation can be done. Please contact me to check availability.

Encapsulation: After the birth and as soon as I am contacted, I will pick up the placenta from your home or the hospital. Your partner or another family member should contact me within 24 hours of the birth and the placenta should be kept in a refrigerator or on ice until pick up. If contact is not possible in a 24-hour period, the placenta should be put in the freezer within 48 hours of the birth. After pick up, I will take it home, clean it, smudge it and then start the process of encapsulation. All steps in the encapsulation process is done in a sacred way and with respect towards the placenta. Everything I use from the Himalayan salts to the powdered ginger is of highest quality. Within two to four days, the pills will be delivered back to you at your home. Every placenta is different, so the amount of capsules varies. Cost: $250

Placenta Essence: The placenta essence is made from a piece of the placenta, a piece of the umbilical cord and some cord blood. I can do this as well as the encapsulation or separate, with the assumption that these things can be provided to me with a 24-hour period and refrigerated. You will receive the Mother Source (MS) and a pre-made Placenta Essence Tincture ready for immediate use. The MS is a remedy that should last you a lifetime and can be used by everyone in the biological family. The Essence is a remedy that the family can take to boost the immune system during transitional times such as moving or traveling and emotionally hard times. It can also be taken during periods of hormonal shift, such as puberty and menopause. The tincture is made with the MS and you will receive instructions on how to make the tincture. The mother can start taking this once she is done with the capsules or she can take them simultaneously.  The essence is different from the placenta capsules in the way that your body responds to them, as the essence has a subtle vibrational remedy. Cost: $50

Raw method: In some cases, your practitioner or midwife may suggest ingesting your placenta raw in part or whole. In this form, the placenta is more potent, and therefore can be beneficial to a new mother who is more susceptible to depression and loss of nutrients. In this case, I would need to be contacted within 24 hours of the birth and it must be refrigerated until pick up. I will pick up the placenta, smudge and clean it and remove the cord, calcifications etc. When the placenta is prepared, I will cut it into daily ingestible pieces (usually blended in a smoothie for consumption) and place the pieces in separate freezer bags. These pieces will be returned to the mother with instructions on how to take them. This process can be done with the encapsulation (for example 14 days of raw method, and the rest encapsulated), which will cost the encapsulation price of $250. Cost: (as separate) $100.